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” An essential workshop for all levels. Allows working makeup artists to focus their work and strengthen their weaknesses, while beginners may better understand their capacities and create the beginnings of a portfolio. 
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Basics” Ideal for beginners who prefer a more methodical approach to understanding the simple techniques necessary for the success of all makeup artists. 
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Advanced” For working makeup artists or graduates of the “Intensive” looking to build their business and further their knowledge of skills needed for runway, editorial and advertising work.
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Freestyle” One 4 hour workshop focusing on Artistic direction and Self Expression. Learn to be free, discover your own creativity and color style. 
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Linda Mason, a fashion and beauty, celebrity makeup artist, with 30 years experience in the industry, has had 5 books published. Click here for biography Her book, "Makeup, The Art of Beauty” serves as a handbook for the Intensive class.


1 Day class, Saturday September 15th 2013
11am till 4pm

 Fee $700 (you may have your own model arrive at 2pm). Please bring your own brushes but work with the makeup that we have available here.

Take a journey through History, Art and Ethnology.

“Inspirations” is the most important part of being an artist. Finding inspiration for your work means that you are always searching around you to educate yourself about Art, Fashion and Beauty, and continuing to develop your taste level. It means absorbing and being inspired by what you see and read. The greatness is in the details so discover in this class how to see the details that make the difference.

Venture outside your comfort zone and experiment with what inspires you with the encouragement of Linda. 

All levels of artists are accepted.
Pay by check or credit card upon registration by calling
212 625 0490

E-mail us for further information at

The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason, 28 Grand Street,
New York. NY.10013
Trains ACE or No 1