published by Random House
May 2011
©2011 Linda Mason
Price $19.99

Linda shares her tricks of the trade that she's cultivated in her more than three decades as a makeup artist and reveals how to create the most attractive version of ourselves. The pages are packed with gorgeous photographs featuring beautiful women from all walks of life, including such supermodels and celebrities as Brooke Shields, Carol Alt, Joan Jett, Kim Alexis, Paulina Porizkova, and Veronica Webb, all of whom have benefited from Linda's masterful eye and creative use of color.

"My biggest dilemma in doing this book was how to categorize the makeup to make it simple for you the reader to follow. I tried several things, including splitting them up by age, but that didn’t work because many of these makeup looks can work well on women of all ages, and I don’t want readers to feel limited by the age ranges. Every age has its challenges, but challenges with the right attitude are that much more fun! I finally settled on overall makeup themes for the makeup applications themselves, starting with Subtle Color, for everyday wear; Glamorous Color, for more dramatic effect; and Creative Color, for those times when you’re feeling adventurous and open to experimenting! Each of these women has a journey and a story to tell about how makeup works for her and expresses who she is. I hope you will be inspired not just by their looks but by their creative, even adventurous spirits." -Linda Mason



Linda Mason's Freestyle Makeup Method
©2011 Linda Mason
Price $19.99, 25 min

Meant for professional / aspiring makeup artists, makeup enthusiasts or those with an interest in fashion. Learn behind-the-scenes techniques, with beautiful footage cut together with photographic stills. This DVD can be appreciated alone for its captivating images; like a magazine editorial put to life or studied by a makeup artist (or enthusiast) in order to replicate certain techniques or to inspire new ideas. Let this DVD take your makeup to the next level of creativity, beauty and imagination. Watch as each look goes from subtle, to inspired, to painted for a photoshoot. Each look includes commentary by Linda Mason explaining her thinking behind the look, the key products she used, and the key techniques she utilized.


published by Watson Guptill May 2008
©2008 Linda Mason
Price $15 paperback

55 Easy Makeup Looks for Glam Lids and Luscious Lashes. Be inspired with creative, new color combinations and techniques for eye makeup. Also great basic techniques to make the best of your eyes

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published by Watson Guptill Sept 2003
©2003Linda Mason
$14.95 paperback edition 2007

The Wall Street Journal described Linda Mason as having "changed makeup as we know it today." In her book: The Art of Beauty Mason shares her expertise as a top international makeup artist in the fashion and beauty industry and presents techniques and how-to tips on everything from basic, fresh-faced styles to high-glamour Hollywood makeup to unconventional, cutting-edge looks. Makeup has practical advice for enhancing and accentuating your looks with a few simple techniques, but it's also ideal for true makeup devotees whose creative impulses are fired up- experimenting with, collecting, and styling makeup. A section on career development includes solid guidance on getting started, putting together a porfolio, and working as a freelance makeup artist. Cover photo Hollister Lowe. Cover design: Pink Design inc.

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Teen Makeup, looks to match your every mood
published by Watson Guptill 2004
©2004Linda Mason
Price $16.95(signed by author)

In Teen Makeup, celebrity makeup artist Linda Mason shares tons of tips for expressing your unique sense of style with the magic of makeup. First, you’ll get the scoop on beauty basics like: good skin-care habits, essential makeup tools, how to apply base, eye shadow, blush, and lip color, and finding the right colors to suit you. Then, you’ll see seven different teens transformed by seven different makeup looks: classic, cool, sweet, sporty, retro, glamorous, and way-out-rageous. Simple, easy descriptions tell you how to create each look yourself, and colorful photos and illustrations give close-up details of the makeup. This book also includes a special star power section that shows you the makeup styles and colors that work best for each astrological sign. Teen Makeup provides all you need to know about looking good and feeling great. Discover the transformative power of makeup and express all the wonderful things you can be!

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Linda Mason's Sun Sign Makeovers
Publisher: Farrar, Straus, Giroux
©1986Linda Mason
Price $10

This book, published in 1986,contains lots of handy techniques and interesting pieces of information that are very useful for makeup today. Linda explains how the differnt zodiac signs are attracted to certain things and how that all interacts with beauty and fashion. Each chapter begins with a basic description of the physical characteristics that Linda has found to be common with each zodiac sign and which can be enhanced with makeup; she uses celebrities to exemplify her points. Then there's a series of three "Before and Afters" of regular women in that zodiac sign and Linda adds detailed how-to's for each of those three looks. It's easy to try the looks at home because Linda draws out each step for you. It's also fun to read about your sign and see what celebrities and models you are entwined with. The comments about some of the models and celebrities Mason has worked with make for an interesting and entertaining read. She explains not only how to match up your makeup with your horoscope sign and harmonize your outer and inner beauty, but gives splendid remarks on how this knowledge has helped her with her craft. Her voice is wise and encouraging, it really makes you want to go out and try all her suggestions for your sign.

Linda Mason's "Sun Sign Makeovers" is definitely the only book of its kind.

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